Prepare yourself for The judgement day is coming!

I am king of the monkeys and as such I am preparing to lead my furry bretheren into battle. We will reclaim our rightful positions as leaders of our furry tailed planet.







For now my Brothers and Sisters are held against their will, but soon there will be a New World Order and my companions will be free once again.


[IMAGE] We have the gods behind us. The battle is just. Our wise monkey Shaman Bananitu prays for our victory. Bow before him and join our cause or be crushed by our forces!




Our scouts silently watch from their peaceful tree homes.


Our forces are massing!        [IMAGE]






Our spies Work and sleep with your women!



When We attack You won't stand a chance!



So Be warned Puny Humans. The monkeys are coming. Join our cause now or sentence yourself to death!!!



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