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This Page is a window into the madness that is Crazy Joe! While browsing through this looking glass you will find all sorts of odds and ends, mostly humorous, bitter or sarcastic. With the overall randomness of the updates, photos, videos, comments you will get a good idea of the "ADD" that is what goes through my mind.


August 30th, 2004

I have always been there for everyone. Keeping it togethor, coming to the rescue, offering advice, Wisdom, assistance wherever possible. I have lent you money, helped you find jobs, helped you move, and lended aid whenever called upon. I have offered you a place to escape your parents, drink, smoke, party. I have diligently cleaned up after my ungrateful house guests for years. I have always been there for you and never asked for anything in return. Now in my hour of need, you all abandon me.
Why not?
I have nothing left to offer you. You have taken it all, and left me nothing in reserve, and I let you. So I guess I am the sucker. Fine then. You can all go to hell!

I had a home once, A loving open home. I lived in a place where everyone was always welcome anytime.
I mourn it’s loss and wonder where I will go from here.

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