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June 18th, 2008

Happy Birthday to me. I am feeling old


January 25th, 2007

Bored! Should of gone to sleep hours ago. Watch out for underwear Gnomes!

The greatest city in the world, an economical center, a shining symbol of capitalism and America, and in this fabulous city people are left in the dark living like the last 100 years of technological progress never occurred. That’s just pathetic. Luckily No one I care about was seriously effected by this outage. Anyway as [...]

A Little Update.

July 26th, 2006

Well my last post has occupied the better part of this page for a bit too long, and a lot has changed so time for another long overdue update! The biggest change in my life is that I now have a Job! YAY! YAY! WOOOOOOOOOO! It’s a good Job! Should I tell you all a [...]

Cause why not?

April 19th, 2006

So I am Bored and Hyper! What to say, Feeling a bit nostalgic for days gone by. But alas they are gone. I have been looking through some old photos, and thinking about highschool, and college and the time right after. Seems like just yesterday, and yet it was so many years ago. When did [...]